do512 Premiers "But No" Video!

Check out do512's exclusive premiere of our newest single and video "But No" of our brand spankin new album Turnout! Specials thanks to Connor Beitel and Small Batch Productions for pullin this one off!

"PR Newman's Turn Out has already turned out to be a hell of a record. Released just last month, the album is a whirlwind venture into the sounds of alt-country, beer-soaked singalongs, and former Berkshire Hounds' member Spencer Garland's ecstatically jumbled lyricism. The album is available now on Spotify, click here to listen to it. Today, PR Newman is releasing the very first music video from the effort, the frantic, whistle-filled "But No." Like the song itself, the video is joyously frenetic and instantly memorable. "

Richard Garland